Congratsio Critter

Plans moving forward

Many features and plans for Congratsio have been abandoned in anticipation for SpeedRunsLive leaderboards launching in the (hopefully!) not to distant future. Congratsio will continue to operate "as is" until that launch, at which point the Congratsio database will be publicly available for whomever to use. There's no sense in having two competing leaderboard sites and a large majority of the speedrunning community is already a member of SpeedRunsLive.

If for whatever reason features from my original vision for Congratsio ( aren't planned for the SRL leaderboards, I may change the scope of Congratsio's services to fulfill them - but I'm sure TSSB and SRL have most bases covered. It's been a lot of fun ~hand typing~ all of the congratulatory tweets and seeing runners compete against themselves or other runners from all over the globe.

Anyway, I just wanted to give all of you a heads up on my plans moving forward!

Thank you Kevin Hilt for the wonderful Congratsio drawing